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September 26, 2022
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2022 Demographic Preliminary Data: Romania Is Drastically Decreasing in Population

The latest data from the general population census has shown concerning results regarding the populatiFewerf Romania. Fewer Romanians live in Romania in 2022, by almost 1 million less than in the preceding census.

According to the National Institute of Statistics, 18.15 million people, approximately 95% of Romania’s population, were included in the country’s population assessment as of July 31.

If compared to the figures from 2021, it spells disaster. According to the previous census, the steady population was 20.12 million people. Therefore, approximately one million Romanians left the country in a year. Are these the final results? Not, but still, a decreasing trend is visible.

As most of those leaving the country are from the working force segment, the authorities are preoccupied with the active-passive population ratio, as a less active population is supposed to contribute to the pensions of many.

I am pessimistic about the demographic evolution. In 2020, 143 pensioners had 100 children under the age of 15. It means significant imbalances in pensions and the labour market. It’s no longer the pyramid of generations, it’s a small base.

Tudorel Andrei, the president of the National Institute of Statistics (INS)

Roughly 4 million Romanians are living abroad, and the number of Romanians who want to leave seems to increase. This places additional pressure on the current situation. Actually, Romania is the second country in the world in the number of people leaving it. The exodus is so huge that only Syria, a country affected by war, has a worse situation.

The demographic situation in the country is alarming, and with each passing year, the population of Romania will become smaller and smaller. The main reason why Romanians go abroad is for a better life, but the authorities do nothing to encourage Romanians to stay in their country, and the situation is worrying.

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