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March 30, 2020
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First Three Patients Dead Of COVID-19 In Romania Also Suffered From Other Serious Diseases

Unfortunately, Romania registered on Sunday, March 22, its first deaths because of Coronavirus infections. Both patients, all male, were also suffering from other serious illnesses, as the authorities confirmed. Their age were 67 ad 74.

The official information is that one person suffered from cancer, in its terminal stage, and the other one was on dialysis, suffering most probably from a sort of renal failure.

During the evening, a third patient died, 70 years old, also suffering from other serious diseases.

At the moment, in Romania there are officially registered 433 patients infected with Coronavirus COVID-19, from which 64 already cured. Also, there are 4207 cases of quarantined persons. More on the subject you can find out by accessing the Coronavirus updated page.

Authorities has recently announced a series of new restrictions for population, including the interdiction of going out between 22.00 and 6.00 for unimportant or unjustified reasons.

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