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January 30, 2023
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Romanian Ministry of Health Starts Procedures to Buy ‘Paxlovid’ from Pfizer

Only 24 hours after Paxlovid was authorized in the United States as an antiviral treatment for Covid-19 patients, the Romanian Ministry of Health started the necessary procedures to purchase the medicine from Pfizer. Notably enough, the initiative takes place before the European Medicine Agency authorizes the treatment in the European Union.

Paxlovid is a new type of oral antiviral to be administered to patients suffering from Covid-19. Its efficacy was proven successful during the clinical trials in easy and medium forms of the disease.

The meeting between the Romanian Minister of Health and Pfizer’s representatives took place on Thursday, December 23. Romania is preparing for the 5th wave, expected to come in mid-January. At the moment, Romania is the only country with green areas in the middle of red European zones, despite the low level of vaccination in the country.

Also, the authorities are to adopt the Green Pass law amidst protests in Bucharest against the certificate.

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