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November 29, 2023
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Will Vaccinated but Infected Europe Bring Wave Five to Not Vaccinated but Not Infected Romania?

Romania is the second to last for vaccination in the European Union. Western says ‘Romanians are the idiots of Europe,’ as one German newspaper put it. Vaccination is the way, they say, to protect the population against Covid-19. The pandemic could be over if all the people in the world would take the jab, specialists argue.

But is it like this?

Romania has the only green spots in a fully red infected Europe

Romania has the only green spots in an entirely red and infected Europe. This happens in a context where the Western countries are in wave five or are already preparing for the 6th wave of COVID-19, as Spain declared recently.

When comparing the vaccination rates in Western countries, one can quickly identify in the red zones countries like Great Britain (80% vaccinated with at least two doses), Germany (80% vaccinated), France (85% vaccinated), Switzerland (90% of the population vaccinated) and so on.

How much did the vaccination campaign help them? Close to nothing, we can say by looking at the map. Not even the death rate, praised so far for the low percentage, isn’t a factor to help those who argue in favor of compulsory vaccination.

Romania successfully imported Omicron…

Unfortunately for the Romanian people, even though no prior cases have been identified in Romania, the Government has successfully imported Omicron, the new variant of the coronavirus, directly from South Africa. Now, the same government complaints about the spreading rate of the variant and prepare the introduction of restrictions after the holidays.

Also, Romanian authorities are determined to introduce the so-called ‘Green Certificate’ by the end of the year.

Will the vaccinated and infected Europe infect the not vaccinated but not infected Romania? Specialists, who tell us that vaccination is the sacred path, tell Romanians that the 5th wave will start precisely on January 15th. It wouldn’t be the first, not the last, time when such an accurate prediction comes true, fuelling the conspiracy theories in a country already fed up with conspiracy theories.

On the other hand, considering all the Romanians coming in the country for holidays, all of them from red areas of the vaccinated lands of the Western countries, it’s almost inevitable for the 5th wave to start spreading in force in January as predicted.

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