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September 17, 2021
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Relaxation Measures in Romania in Effect on June 1

The Romanian Government adopted the new relaxation measures to take effect on June 1. The relaxation measures were announced in April, but they were conditioned by reaching 5 million people vaccinated by June.

Though the goal is far from being reached, Prime Minister Citu announced the measures as planned, justifying them with the drastic drop in the number of new daily cases of COVID-19.

The relaxation measures to take effect on June 1 in Romania

On short, these are the most important relaxation measures in Romania, in effect from June 1:

  • private events (wedding ceremonies, baptizing ceremonies, anniversaries) can host 50 persons indoors and 70 person outdoors; the number can be even larger if all the persons are vaccinates
  • sports events can be organized indoors and outdoors with the participation of as many persons as up to 25% of the capacity of the arena; the events can host even more spectators if they are vaccinated or present a negative test or take a vaccine at the event
  • .conferences can host up to 100 people, even more, if all the persons are vaccinated
  • sport gyms and fitness gyms are open for people up to 70% of the capacity, even more, if all the persons are vaccinated
  • hotels on the beach are open up to 85% of their capacity
  • bars, clubs, and entertainment places are open between 5-24 up to 50% of the capacity
  • gambling spaces are open for up to 75% of their capacity
  • cultural events outdoors can host 1,000 people who are vaccinated, present the proof they recovered from COVID-19, or who present a recent negative test for COVID-19

As anyone can notice, the Government tries to offer more liberty for the citizens by helping the hospitality industry. On the other hand, the authorities try to encourage the vaccination process by offering more rights to the people who present a vaccination certificate or to the venues attended by these people.

Bucharest hosts four games from the EURO 2020 Football Championship and the authorities guaranteed that up to 25% of the capacity of the stadium could be occupied by fans. The first football match in Bucharest is to be held on June 13 between Austria and Northern Macedonia.

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