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Opinion Poll: One in Four Romanians Wants Out of EU – Romexit

25.2% of the Romanian population agrees to Romexit, according to a recent research

One out of four Romanians adopted the idea of disintegration of UE and approved the possibility of Romexit for a better future in Romania. The question regarding the perseverance of Romania in UE is present in the mind of many Romanians. Should Romania leave the EU?

This is the conclusion of an opinion poll conducted by Inscop, one of the most prestigious Romanian institutes, during January 11-18, 2022.

Romania’s exit from the EU: gain or loss?

Although the survey conducted by Inscop Research, in partnership with Verified at the initiative of Strategic Thinking Group, shows that most Romanians reject the possibility of a Roexit, more than 25% of Romanians want Romania to leave the EU.

Looking back at Romania’s situation in the EU context and analyzing the Union’s implications for economic and social life, 40.8% of Romanians surveyed gave a negative answer, arguing that Romania’s accession to the European Union brought disadvantages.

The role of the EU in the country’s economy

Asked if Romania should leave the EU, 29.4% of Romanians answered in the affirmative, claiming that Romania’s situation outside the EU would be better from an economic point of view.

Do EU rules please Romanians?

An overwhelming proportion of 68.4% of Romanians interviewed believe that the rules imposed by the EU affect Romania’s interests and consider that Romania must defend its national interest even when it disagrees with EU rules.

Living in a context where nationalism arises among Romanians, the number of people who agree that the EU affects Romanian interests is not surprising. It’s worth mentioning that while AUR (the Alliance for the Unification of all Romanians) is a nationalist party, its leaders have never expressed Roexit as a goal. Yet, many Romanians confuse nationalism with the intent of exiting the Union.

Romania in Schengen area

Asked “Why do you think that Romania has not yet been admitted to the Schengen area, the free movement zone in the European Union, without border controls, although most agree with the accession of our country?“, 50.8% claim that the reason is the problematic economic situation of the country, while 42.1% of the population consider that Romania did not meet all the employment criteria.

The intention of the Romanians to emigrate

Regarding the number of Romanians who would prefer to live and work in the country, the percentage rises to 77.7, which indicates a good sign in stopping the wave of Romanian emigration.

The high percentage of emigration led to a sharp deficit of the local workforce. Therefore, the Government approved, for the first time, 100,000 working permits for foreigners outside the EU in an attempt to fill in the gap and to help the entrepreneurs.

Multinational or Romanian company?

69.9% of the Romanians interviewed state that they prefer to work in a Romanian company in Romania, while only 26% choose to work in a multinational company in Romania.

The quality of the products from the Romanian market

71.8% believe that foreign companies on the Romanian market sell inferior products in terms of quality compared to products they sell in other countries. 24% disagree.

The Great Union with the Republic of Moldova – is it still of interest?

Regarding the Union of Romania with the Republic of Moldova, 74.5% of respondents want the idea of ​​consolidating a Greater Romania to become a reality, while 21.1% disagree. On the other hand, the latest opinion polls in Moldova show that only 30% of the Moldovans would support the unification with Romania.

The result of this research, carried out by INSCOP, highlights the spirit and the rise of the nationalist current regarding the subject West against East. More and more Romanians, awakened by the nationalist spirit, especially during the pandemic years, are fighting against the influences from the West, which does not benefit Romania’s situation.

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tryan winston October 31, 2022 at 3:22 am

i am a romanian leaving in the usa, that is to bad that more romanians are not thinking about our country’ usa done the best to drag Romania into nato aliance. they were lucking for theie intrest to get closer to midle east and russia .bringhing over the nuclear war heads from germany to romania. our country did not get any benefit from America .in fact we gain enemys .like russia. the ropmanian goverment is beeing responsible if we are to witness an atomic war.romania will be among the first country to be wipped out. americans don,t care ,the war is not going to happen in their country. they will take their tale in b twin their legs and run back to their home land…they. have a good history doing that .europa done the same brought homosexulism.to our cristian country. we need to be left alone to choes aur destiny ,we dont need america neithe europa, so leave our country if you don,t mind assholes


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