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June 22, 2024
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Romanian Government Approves 100,000 Working Permits for Foreign Workers in 2022

Romania approves 100,000 working permits for foreign workers in 2022. It is the highest number of working permits ever approved by the Government for foreigners outside the European Union. In 2021 there was a limit of 25,000 working permits, which was later modified to 50,000 permits following the request of both companies and the recruiting agencies.

The workforce deficit in Romania is at its peak. According to official sources, around 250,000 vacancies were registered in Romania last year. Unofficial sources talk about 1 million workers needed in the country.

The law says a job can be offered to somebody from outside the EU if the employer proves it did diligence to occupy the position with workers from Romania, EU member states or the European Economic Space. Many jobs are in agricultural, construction or hospitality, sectors that are not attractive anymore to the Europeans.

Thousands of companies in Romania have already applied for a license, and the 100,000-limit could prove to be unsatisfactory once again. Either way, this is the first time the Romanian Government seems to have understood the actual work deficit in the country.

On the other hand, the Romanians working abroad remitted more money than the direct foreign investors in 2020. If only 10% of these workers returned to Romania, this workforce deficit would be covered.

Romania is one of the preferred destinations for the Asian workforce. The data show that Turkey, Nepal, and Sri Lanka are the top countries regarding the foreign workers present in Romania. Also, China and Vietnam are among the other Asian countries whose workers come to Romania to find a job.

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