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March 3, 2024
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Romania Denies Ukraine Allegations: No Russian Drone Fell onto Romanian Territory

On Monday, September 4th, Ukraine mentioned in their daily press releases on war-related events that Russia has attacked with tens of drones the Ukrainian harbours near the Danube, and at least one drone fell onto Romanian territory. Romania denies the allegations categorically, as presented in the Romanian Ministry of Defence Press Release.

The Ministry of National Defense categorically denies the information in the public space regarding a so-called situation that occurred during the night of September 3 to 4, in which Russian drones allegedly fell on the national territory of Romania.

The structures with responsibilities of the Ministry of National Defense monitored in real time the situation generated by the Russian attacks carried out with drones, both last night and Saturday to Sunday, on the infrastructure near the Ukrainian ports on the Danube. At no time did the means of attack used by the Russian Federation generate direct military threats to Romania’s national territory or territorial waters.

Romanian Ministry of Defence denying the Ukraine’s allegations

Earlier last month, Ukraine asked Romanian citizens not to post the Russian attacks on social media as those images could help the Russian Army adjust its fire.

Following the Russian attack close to the Romanian maritime border, the Romanian Ministry of National Defense has taken enhanced vigilance measures in the national land, sea and air space. According to national and allied plans, it is contributing to strengthening the defence and deterrence posture on the eastern flank.

The Ministry of National Defense reiterates that these attacks by the Russian Federation against civilian targets and infrastructure in Ukraine are unjustified and are in profound contradiction with the rules of international humanitarian law.

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