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May 30, 2024
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Ukraine Embassy to Bucharest: STOP Posting Russian Strikes on Social Media!

Ukrainian Embassy to Bucharest called for the Romanian population not to post any videos on social media regarding the Russian attacks near the Romanian border. The reason behind this call is, according to the Embassy, the fact that the Russian forces might use these videos to adjust attacks.

Russia continues terrorizing the peaceful Ukrainian population and attacking Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure. In particular, on the night of August 16, Russian occupation troops attacked the Odesa region again, targeting the infrastructure of the Danube ports. As a result of enemy strikes, seven people were injured, and warehouses and grain silos were damaged.
This again confirms the Russian aggressor’s cynical abuse of international humanitarian law and desire to undermine world food security, jeopardizing the supply of Ukrainian agricultural products to those in need.
It is with regret that today we observe dissemination on social networks and in some mass media of some videos of drones striking port infrastructure and the operation of Ukrainian air defence systems. In the current conditions of Russian aggression, such videos represent a threat to the safe operation of the Danube ports and directly to the civilian population living in this region.
The Russian attacker actively monitors the Internet and, receiving additional information, adjusts his attacks.
We appeal to everyone not to film and disseminate such videos on social networks and in the mass media to not increase the threat to the lives of people who work and live in the cities on the Danube.

Ukrainian Embassy to Bucharest

Some strikes by the Russian army were visible from Romania as Russia attacked the Ukrainian harbours at the Black Sea.

Even so, the comments to the post were mocking the theory of any army adjusting their strikes by viewing movies posted on social media. Besides, Romanians reminded the Embassy about the Bystroye Canal scandal and the former Romanian territories, now part of Ukraine.

There are only a few comments which try to take Ukraine’s part and all the tensions between Romania and Ukraine could be an explanation for that.

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