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May 6, 2021
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Romanian PM: Definitely NO National Lockdown in Romania

Romanian PM Florin Citu underlined during a press conference held on Wednesday, April 7, his determination on NOT having a new lockdown in Romania.

His answer comes right after the secretary of state from the Ministry of Health said that “a two-week national quarantine in Romania would make miracles“. The head of Government wanted to publicly dismiss the idea.

I had a discussion with the secretary of state (from the Ministry of Health). She was giving you a theoretical example. It was not a proposition for a national quarantine. We do not take into account a new quarantine and I opposed the idea from the first moment. It won’t be in Romania a new national lockdown, it will not be any quarantine.

Romanian PM dismissing the idea of a new quarantine in Romania

Romanian authorities try to avoid any new lockdown and the PM is determined in this way. Moreover, as he mentioned quite often, he has in mind the economy, which has to be kept open.

In a previous press conference, Florin Citu also offered a timeframe for the relaxation of the restrictions in Romania: the beginning of June. At that moment, the PM hopes for at least 5 million Romanians to have been vaccinated.

So far, 2 million Romanians have been immunized with 2 doses of vaccine, and the vaccination rate will increase at 100,000 shots per day in the following weeks.

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