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Visit Bucharest’s Recommendations for Night of the Museums – 2023 Edition

Night of the Museums in Bucharest is one of the most expected events for those who love to immerse themselves in the city’s cultural vibe, as announced by our partner platform dedicated to promoting Bucharest’s events – Visit Bucharest. Organized all over Europe, Night of the Museums allows visitors to glimpse what museums in Bucharest offer throughout the year.

This year’s edition of Night of the Museums takes place on Saturday, May 13, and looks promising. Here is Visit Bucharest’s selection of the best locations not to miss during the Night of Museums in Bucharest 2023.

Museum of the Romanian Peasant

The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant

Visiting hours during the Night of the Bucharest Museums: 18.00-22.00, May 13.

The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, which, through this event, evokes and pays tribute to the outstanding personality in the national culture of Alexandru Tzigara-Samurcaș.

Also, artisans from all parts of the country bring to the museum courtyard handcrafted objects, crafted or skillfully restored over the winter: wipes and rugs from the area of Bistrița Năsăudului, ii from Bucovina, Mehedinți or Breaza, scarves, shawls, Oltenia carpets, icons, necklaces, jugs and candles, wooden objects for the household.

National Military Museum

Military Museum

Visiting hours during the Night of the Bucharest Museums: 12.00-24.00, May 13.

During this event, those who will choose the National Military Museum will be able to visit the Pavilion of General Military History, where the national history of Romania is presented from the point of view of the development of the phenomenon of armed conflict, from the first stone age, until the participation of the Army of Romania within the international missions. A point of interest will be related to the temporary exhibition related to the Road to the Coronation in 1922, where it will be possible to admire two uniforms worn by King Ferdinand I and Queen Maria as well as the original carriage used during the ceremonies in Alba-Iulia and Bucharest.

Museum of Natural History – Grigore Antipa

Antipa Museum

Visiting hours during the Night of the Bucharest Museums: 19.00-01.00 May 13.

The National Museum of Natural History „Grigore Antipa” has prepared for the Night of Museums 2023. This program includes a free visit to the permanent exhibition and the opening of the temporary exhibition „Beyond the Seas and the Seas”. In the hope that we will have favourable weather conditions, the Museum’s researchers propose you discover the little creatures with whom we share the night in a series of activities held in the Museum’s courtyard between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

On Saturday, May 13, between 10:00 and 17:00 (the last visitor will enter at 16:00), the „Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Natural History will be OPEN!

Tiriac Car Collection

Rolls Royce Phantom I

Visiting hours during the Night of the Bucharest Museums: 17.00-22.00 May 13.

The gallery is the only private collection in the world to hold all seven models of the Rolls Royce Phantom series, including a unit from the IV series, the most exclusive generation Rolls Royce ever built. Only 18 such vehicles were produced between 1950 and 1956 and were initially intended for royal families and heads of state.
The oldest exhibit in the collection is a Hurtu 3 1/2 Quadricycle, manufactured in 1899, one of only seven examples still in existence today.

Central University Library Carol I

Revolution Square-Carol I University Foundation

Visiting hours during the Night of the Bucharest Museums: 18.00-01.00 May 13.

The Carol I Central University Library offers you a complex route composed of the following points of interest:
– Directors’ Gallery (painter Stelian Neicu);
– the hall next to the Teachers’ Hall (in the square is the plaster bust of King Charles I, made by plastic artist Eugen Ilina). The lobby is floored with marble; the windows have stained glass – everything is entirely new, redone according to the original models;
– Space Time Capsule;
– Teachers’ Hall „Al. Tzigara Samurcaş” – director of the library for 47 years;
– Salon „Carol I” (two paintings representing the royal family – King Charles I, Queen Elizabeth – painter Ion Drăghici);
– Multimedia Hall „Ing. Petre Badea”
Visitors are invited to write impressions about the library and the event.

Museum of the Bucharest Municipality

Museum of the Municipality of Bucharest

Visiting hours during the Night of the Bucharest Museums: 17.00-23.00, May 13.

At Casa Filipescu-Cesianu (Calea Victoriei no. 151) it will be possible to visit the permanent exhibition „Museum of the Ages – from childhood to old age”. The Museum of Ages tells a story about intimacy and the evolution of relations between generations in the last three hundred years, for the Romanian urban environment, with Bucharest as a case study. The Museum of the Ages is a projection of what a day would have looked like from the 18th century to the present. And, above all, about how this symbolic day has evolved in history with each generation. The Filipescu-Cesianu House represents the arrangement of an older building from 1846-1850. It is one of the few aristocratic residences of Bucharest from the Belle Époque, which remained faithful to the original project.

Astronomical Observatory in Bucharest

Astronomic Observatory Bucharest

Visiting hours during the Night of the Bucharest Museums: 20.00-03.00, May 13.

At the Admiral Vasile Urseanu Astronomical Observatory (Bd. Lascăr Catargiu, no. 2) you can visit the permanent exhibition „Discovering the Universe Together,” and astronomical observations will be organized, weather permitting. The astronomy exhibition „Discovering the Universe Together” is about the solar system and its exploration, planets, stars and galaxies. The exhibition’s primary purpose is to illustrate our place in the Universe. A secondary theme is exploring the solar system, with space probes being represented in a novel way.

Cotroceni National Museum

Entrance in the Cotroceni Museum

Visiting hours during the Night of the Bucharest Museums: 14.00-20.00, May 13.

The Cotroceni National Museum awaits you on Saturday, May 13, 2023, to participate in the 19th edition of the European Night of Museums Program.

This year’s tour includes:

  • The royal salons, located on the first floor of the Museum;
  • Saloon Cerchez where the VR drawing and holography exhibition of the artist Ioana Pioaru takes place – The City: a disappearance;
  • The Medieval Spaces where the 2023 Decorative Arts Salon takes place.

Upon entering the Cotroceni National Museum, an original identity document (C.I. or passport) will be presented.

National Museum of Romanian Art

Museum of Art

Visiting hours during the Night of the Bucharest Museums: 19.00-23.00, May 13.

For the 2023 edition of the Night of Museums program, the National Museum of Art offers the public free access to permanent and temporary exhibitions at the headquarters in the 19.00 – 23.00 program (last access at 23.00, museum closing at 24.00).
Opened to the general public in 1950, the Museum of Art currently includes the National Gallery (with the Old Romanian Art Gallery and the Modern Romanian Art Gallery), the European Art Gallery, as well as the historical spaces of the former royal palace (the Throne Hall, the Royal Dining Room, the Voivods’ Staircase).

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