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October 21, 2020
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Bucharest Exist Polls, Local Elections: Right Wing Runner, Nicusor Dan, As New Mayor

Update: The final result show 42% to 38% in Nicusor Dan’s favor.

According to opinion polls, Nicusor Dan, the right wing runner, wins the Bucharest mayorship during Sunday’s local elections. The result, as the exit polls show for 19.00 o’clock, seems overwhelming: 47% to 39% in his favor.

After 12 years with a leftist mayor, Romania’s capital enters a new era, finally having a right wing mayor.

Nicusor Dan was presented, a few days ago, as subject to an investigation for influence peddling by the Romanian central media. Yet, no official investigation was started.

The exit-polls results have , of course, to be checked by the official counting which is to be finalized until Monday morning.

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