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December 3, 2023
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“The Act of Uniting Two or More Things” Won the Bucharest Fashion Film Festival 2020

MODET The Act of Uniting Two or More Things won the Bucharest Fashion Film Festival 2020. On Wednesday, November 11, 2020, the Danish production, directed by Marie Sloth Rousing and Elvira Von Wieding Lidin, was chosen as the big winner.

This year the Bucharest Fashion Film Festival took place exclusively online. However, more than 200 films from around the world have entered the competition. Of the 40 films that competed in the official selection, 20 were local productions.

During the festivity, three prizes worth of 3,000 euros were awarded for the best film, the best local production and a special prize for innovation in low-budget projects – Fresh Perspectives.

“MODET is an example of a graceful, intriguing fashion film that defies the boundaries between genres. The clothes are portrayed in a clever way. The location is great, and the performance and image intertwine in a unique and fascinating way.”

David McGovern, director and professor at the University of the Arts London and member of the jury

Carnation Studio with their production XXX won the Fresh Perspective Award for low-budget innovation. The film explores male stereotypes in post-communist Romania and presents the debut collection of designer Lucian Varvaroi.

” XXX is a memorable film, in which the clothing product is hero and key, strong and daring, characteristics taken from the DNA of the collection, all under a concept and a fresh, Eastern European execution”

Alina Gavrilă-Borţun, member of jury

Pelicular, the film directed by Raluca Margescu, was the winner of the award for the best local production.

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