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January 30, 2023
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Romanian Minister of Digitalization Resigns over Accusations of Plagiarism, Fake CV

Romanian Minister of Research, Innovation, and Digitalization Mr. Florin Roman, a member of the Liberal Party, resigns over plagiarism and mentions false achievements in his CV. The President accepted his resignation, and it came just twenty days after he was sworn in.

Florin Roman faces three accusations that are to be investigated after the investigations published in the daily newspaper Libertatea:

  • he mentioned in his resume he had written a book, only to later admit there wasn’t a book at all, but a research paper. Not even that text he could find and present it to the public
  • he copied and pasted entire pages in his master theses, as proved by the journalists.
  • he mentioned he had graduated from one of the best universities in Romania, Babes-Bolyai from Cluj, but the rectorate of the university denied such an accomplishment of the former minister. The university even mentioned the minister hadn’t been a student of the university, let alone graduating it

Unfortunately, Florin Roman is no exception in Romania. Many politicians, public companies managers, and public institutions directors have graduated faculties only on paper or have so-called ‘doctorates’ copied/pasted from uncited sources. This is how things were going in Romania, and this is the reality the journalists from Libertatea and other Romanian investigative newspapers are trying to change.

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