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May 23, 2024
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Military Parade in Bucharest on December 1 to Celebrate Romania’s National Day

Romania’s National Day is celebrated each year with a military parade to be held in Bucharest. For a few hours, locals and tourists in Bucharest will be thrilled by this grand parade meant to honour the memory of those who fought for the motherland and show the military forces’ dedication to protecting the country.

More than 1,500 soldiers and specialists of the Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs, The Romanian Intelligence Service, Special Telecommunications Service and National Administration of Penitentiary and almost 120 pieces of equipment, 40 of which aircraft, will participate on Thursday, 1 December starting 11.00, in the Military Parade organized to celebrate Romania’s National Day in the Arch of Triumph Square, from Bucharest, according to the press release.

But there will be not only Romanian troops to march on December the 1st. 150 foreign soldiers will also march off in the military parade as part of several detachments from Belgium, France, North Macedonia, the Republic of Moldova, Portugal, the United States of America and the Netherlands, alongside soldiers representing the Allied troop-contributing countries to the NATO structures deployed on Romanian territory, as well as 25 technical pieces of equipment, including Canadian, Italian, Spanish and American fighters.

A spectacular moment will start the ceremony. The National Anthem will be played at the beginning of the ceremony concomitantly with the firing of 21 cannonballs. The President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, will lay a wreath in the memory of the Romanian heroes who fell on duty on the battlefields for the reunification of the Romanian nation and a minute’s silence will be observed.

Are you in Romania these days but not in Bucharest? You can still witness military ceremonies across the country, as on the occasion of Romania’s National Day, representatives of the Romanian Armed Force will participate, together with the local authorities, in the preparation and organization of a ceremony in the garrisons where the military units are deployed, while the soldiers assigned in missions abroad will conduct military ceremonies.

Also, the national flag will be hoisted in all military institutions from the country, and the Great Pavoaz will be raised onboard maritime and riverine ships.

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