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December 3, 2023
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June 26: Romanian Flag Day

Each year, on June 26, Romanians celebrate their National Flag Day. The military ceremonies are the main attraction of this day, for locals and tourists alike, but all that matters the most is the feeling of the people for the flag’s colors.

Romanian National Flag is blue, yellow, and red, displayed vertically. There were times when the flag’s colors were displayed horizontally, but the final display was adopted and maintained to this day.

The flag, as we see it now with these colors, dates back to 1848. Yet, it suffered some modifications along the time. The most recent one was in December 1989, when, during the Romanian Revolution, the socialist coat of arms was removed from the flag. Actually, a hole in the flag was one of the symbols of the Romanian Revolution.

Some criticize this approach, with no coat of arms on the flag, as the Romanian flag is easily confused with the flag of Chad. Moreover, the Moldovan flag, Romania’s sister country, is identical, with the exception of the coat of arms used on the Moldovan flag.

Criticized or not, the Romanian flag is loved by all those who feel and live Romanian. This day, June 26, is just another opportunity to celebrate it once more.

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