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May 22, 2024
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Market Research: 4 in 10 Romanians Have or Had Cryptocurrency in 2022

How many Romanians have crypto coins? According to the latest market research conducted by IPSOS Romania for Tradesylvania, 4 in 10 Romanians have or had cryptocurrency. This is astonishing news for most, but it’s the naked truth.

Almost half the population is caught in this crypto fever. But why Romanians are into crypto?

Most of the people are not investors, even though they are looking to get some quick gains. They are simply looking for ways to double or triple their investment in a very short time. This is highly improbable.

Anne-Marie M., Growth Hacker at Cryptomarketing Center

The main findings of the research on crypto currency in Romania

96% of Romanians heard about crypto

According to the research, 96% of Romanians have heard about crypto. This is not surprising, as almost anybody with a good internet connection, navigating these days on social media or even watching TV couldn’t miss the latest news on crypto markets.

4 in 10 Romanians have had or have crypto coins

4 in 10 Romanians who heard about crypto coins have had or have cryptocurrency at the moment. Moreover, 84% of those questioned admitted they intend to be active in this market in the future.

It’s a sign that Romanians have an interest in crypto coins, manifested, as the research finds out, more for the people between 18 and 44 years of age.

Bitcoin is the most popular crypto currency for the Romanians

Bitcoin was mentioned by 70% of the respondents. Also, two-thirds of Romanians have bitcoin in their portfolio.

Other crypto coins known by the Romanians are Ethereum and Dogecoin. Egold (EGLD), the Romanian cryptocurrency built on the Elrond platform, was mentioned by 1 in 5 respondents. 8% of them have EGLD in their portfolio as well.

Half of Romanians heard about NFT – Non Fungible Tokens

Half of Romanians have heard about NFT – Non Fungible Tokens, and from those who heard about NFTs, 1 in 5 have already bought such tokens.

The study concludes that Romania is a country where the adoption of cryptocurrency and NFTs is already happening properly. 41% of the people prefer to get the necessary information from specialized websites.

We are delighted to know that, apart from crypto marketing, we also contribute to the education of the people interested in investing in coins or tokens. This is why we think about developing a good section on our platform and bringing even more information, such as market trends, analyses and investment advice, to those who want to buy, sell, invest, mint or trade these assets.

Anne-Marie M., Growth hacker at Cryptomarketing Center

One of the greatest successes achieved on the NFT market in Romania is the “Stramosi project”, developed on the Elrond ecosystem. The company minting the 10,000 NFTs got around 4 million USD in just weeks.

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