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April 19, 2024
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Bucharest Public Transport Launches “Health on Wheels” along with MPR Agency

Bucharest Transport Society STB S.A. and MPR Agency launched the “Health on Wheels” campaign to promote a correct posture in Bucharest public transport.

This is a partnership to promote the physical health of public transport passengers. The “Health on Wheels” campaign proposes an educational approach regarding the importance of a correct posture during travel. It will be implemented for a month on 530 buses from the STB fleet in Bucharest. This initiative represents a significant step towards improving the quality of life of Bucharest residents, and its main objective is to provide travellers with valuable tips to maintain a healthy posture in public transport.

In an increasingly hectic world, we often focus on the practical aspects of our lives, such as getting to work or school. However, we often forget how important it is to care for our physical health. Our campaign, supported by STB, aims to remind people that small gestures can make a big difference in health, especially at this time when people return from holidays to school or offices. Correct posture can prevent many health problems, and public transport is an excellent place to start practicing this habit.

Andreea Cristea, CEO of MPR Agency

The “Health on Wheels” campaign will include educational tips in video format that will run on buses in Bucharest. These clips will inform travellers about maintaining proper posture while travelling and provide helpful tips to avoid unhealthy habits affecting your spine and overall health.

We are happy to join this initiative and show that the Bucharest Transport Society is open to such civic projects. Local public transport plays a vital role in the lives of the citizens of Bucharest. We are dedicated to providing them with a healthier and more comfortable experience while travelling with the vehicles of STB S.A. The “Health on Wheels” campaign is an essential step towards improving the physical health of passengers on public transport. It represents an example of effective collaboration between the public and private sectors for the good of the community.

Adrian Criț, General Director

By educating and raising travellers’ awareness of the importance of correct posture, this initiative brings significant benefits to the health and well-being of Bucharest residents.

About MPR Agency

MPR Agency is a specialist healthcare marketing and communication agency awarded the gold trophy at the European Excellence Awards 2022. With over a decade of experience in the industry, MPR Agency is Global Health’s exclusive partner in South East Europe Marketing & Communications – the largest global network of independent agencies operating in the Healthcare industry. With a deep integration of know-how in online promotion, MPR Agency develops campaigns and innovative concepts both for clinics and hospitals in Romania, as well as for pharmaceutical companies, health tech companies, biotechnology or medical startups. The MPR Agency team brings together specialists from all areas of marketing and communication, with extensive experience acquired both within public relations agencies and essential companies. Putting medical prevention first, annually, the MPR Agency allocates pro bono 10% of the agency’s production time to a healthcare NGO.
The agency’s client portfolio includes exclusively medical and MedTech companies: Leventer Group, Neuroaxis, Zetta Hospital, Ovidius Clinical Hospital, Trident Clinics, Stada, Medikali, and Biofarm.

About STB S.A.

With over 150 years of experience, STB S.A. is the largest operator of public surface transport in Romania, having one of the most extensive transport networks in Europe, with a length of routes of 1651 km double track.

As the leading operator of public surface transport in the City of Bucharest and Ilfov County, STB S.A. can respond to the various mobility needs of citizens through a wide range of transport services provided with a fleet of approximately 2000 vehicles (buses, trolleybuses and trams), in recent years significant investments have been made both in renewing the park and in the adoption of modern, digitized payment and information solutions, aimed at increasing the quality of the transport services offered. The tariff offer was made more flexible by implementing the concept of metropolitan lines (which brings together all urban, regional and express lines), as well as by applying the time tariff, creating several types of subscriptions and integrating the tariff offer with that of Metrorex, but also with the train as part of a pilot project implemented on the Bucharest – Otopeni connection.

STB S.A. uses a modern charging system based on contactless card technology. Payment for the trip can be made by SMS, through the YouthTB and 24Pay mobile applications, and with the contactless bank card. At the same time, to improve the travel experience, STB S.A. made the InfoTB application available to users for real-time travel planning, providing information on metro connections. The mission of STB S.A. is to provide surface urban public transport services for the citizens of the Capital, guided by sustainability criteria, contributing to a development that meets the ever-dynamic mobility needs.

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