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June 17, 2024
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More than Half Romanian Teachers Refuse to Vaccinate against COVID-19

More than half of the Romanian teachers, but also other school staff, refuse to take the vaccine against COVID-19. This is the conclusion of a study conducted in December 2020 by the largest education unions federation.

More than 13,000 education personnel was surveyed, most of them being teachers, and 56.3% said they wouldn’t take the vaccine. Also, 43.2% of them want to start face-to-face teaching classes even before the start of the vaccination campaign.

The Romanian authorities developed the vaccination strategy with the teachers and the education staff in the first vaccination tier, along with doctors and the vulnerable categories. The authorities hope for 70% of the population to agree being vaccinated until June, such as to end the pandemic.

Vaccination is not mandatory in Romania and the challenge is to persuade people into taking the vaccine.

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