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March 31, 2023
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Not Only in Romania: Germany Imposed EUR 10,000 Fines During COVID-19 Pandemic

Until this very Monday, Romania held the record for maximum quantum of fines for not complying with the isolation measures during COVID-19 pandemic: EUR 4,500. An EUR 4,500 fine was already imposed to a Bucharest city dweller for not complying with the military ordinances.

Still, the record is held by Germany now, which imposed, in some states, EUR 10,000 fines for those who fail wearing a mask in public. The approach is different, from one state to another, but the Maskenpflicht (mask duty) was already introduced in 15 of the country’s 16 states on Monday morning.

In the capital, though, the authorities stated they wouldn’t impose any fine, but said they would rely on the responsibility of the Berlin citizens and on their respect for each other’s health.

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