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June 22, 2024
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Scandal in Timisoara – European Capital of Culture: German-born Mayor Upset with Romania’s Flags

A new scandal shadows Timisoara, the European Capital of Culture, in 2023. The German-born City Mayor, Dominic Fritz, is upset with Romania’s flags placed in the city. Perhaps he would like to make Timisoara an international city, but at the moment, his decisions only fuel the nationalist feelings of the residents. This is not going to internationalize Timisoara, despite this lousy attempt.

Namely, he ordered removing the Romanian flags at three significant crossroads in the city. He justified his decision by saying the flags were illegally placed. Meanwhile, the flags of other nations are displayed right in front of the City Hall.

The mayor’s new decision seems not to be the wisest he took during his mandate, mainly because he is far from appreciated by the residents. Despite being voted the city’s saviour three years ago, in 2020, Fritz failed to perform.

Timisoara city residents are upset with Fritz starting last winter when they froze in their apartments. The Mayor’s mismanagement combined with local interests made this possible: Timisoara, the first European city lit using electricity, had to freeze in the winter of 2022/2023.

Also, the same German-born mayor asked for unvaccinated citizens to be discriminated against. This is what democracy looks like for the so-called “saviour of Timisoara”. Let’s say it bluntly, this guy’s most famous decision as mayor was to forbid the citizens in Timisoara from feeding pigeons. What else to expect from his administration?

Something strange happens in this Western Romanian city: the pigeons, the unvaccinated, and the Romanian flags upset Fritz. Who will be his next victim, and when will he stop making decisions like this for the city?

The county’s prefect announced he would investigate the mayor’s behaviour regarding Romanian flags. Hopefully, the mayor won’t get upset with others until then.

Remember that Romanians trusted foreign candidates during the last local elections. Timisoara, Bucharest and other cities welcomed the new mayors born abroad. Meanwhile, they failed to perform, and they disappointed their voters. Not only that, but they destroyed the credibility of the foreigners in occupying positions in local administration.

Fritz is not the first nor the last foreign-born mayor in Romania. Yet, his lousy management as mayor is already legendary. This would impact any future candidacy from foreign citizens.

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