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March 4, 2024
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German-born Mayor of Timisoara Demands Discrimination of Unvaccinated Citizens

The German-born mayor of Timisoara, Dominic Fritz, won the local elections in 2020 and became one of the foreign-born mayors in Romania. The expectations after his victory were high, but the results still lack visibility. To say it bluntly, Dominic Fritz became famous for controversial measures, such as forbidding the citizens to feed the pigeons in the city.

Now, Dominic Fritz offers a new controversial statement. In the context of introducing the night-curfew in Timisoara after the number of infections grew rapidly, he wrote on Facebook:

The restrictions that are applied to all the citizens of Timisoara, disregard them being vaccinated or not, are not fair. This will severely impact the local economy which already suffers from the pandemic and from the price growth and they turn people against each other.

I demand the Government, the only one that decides these measures, not to apply the restrictions to the vaccinated people, in Timisoara and all over the country.

Dominic Fritz asking for the discrimination of the unvaccinated Romanians

The vaccination rate in Romania is below 30%. The funny thing is that cities with a high vaccination rate, of around 50%, such as Timisoara or Bucharest, to be the only ones at the moment where curfews and restrictions are imposed because of a high infection rate.

The lack of proper communication, from the Romanian authorities, based on transparency, generated a wave of suspicion in the country. Conspiracy theories are all over Facebook and all the other social networks and stories of the real effects of the vaccine spark vivid debates. Also, as the number of cases of vaccinated people who died of COVID-19 in hospitals increased, it’s hard for any authority to properly handle this madness.

In this context, it is hard to believe that by discriminating against the unvaccinated and by favoring the vaccinated, any good results will come. On the contrary, chances are for these kinds of statements to be the very ones that turn the people against each other.

At the moment, one famous local lawyer has already announced he will press charges against the mayor for discrimination. The case is to be brought to justice.

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