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March 21, 2023
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Season 2 of Flavours of Romania Premieres in Danube Delta

The famous Flavours of Romania documentary made by Charlie Ottley, which promotes Romania internationally, continues with season 2 in Danube Delta.

This season invites you to discover other fairytale regions of Romania through the British journalist’s travel diary.

According to Radio Romania, the recordings began three weeks ago in Transylvania and continued in Moldova. Since July 16, the producers have been filming at the Danube Delta in Dobrogea, the southeastern part of Romania.

Charlie Ottley also produced documentaries like Wild Carpathia (2011) and Flavours of Romania (2017), which made Romania’s taste, culture and nature known abroad. However, the Danube Delta is not a region seen for the first time through the camera lenses of Charlie Ottley’s team. The Wild Danube project launched last year brought to light the beauty of the Danube Delta in winter, inviting the audience on a remarkable journey through the enchanted and endangered water world.

What is praiseworthy about Charlie Ottley’s projects is that through these documentaries that emphasize the beauties of Romania, the British journalist also highlights the irregularities in the country in a way that raises the alarm to both the authorities and the Romanians, trying to protect Romania’s national treasures.

I think it is an exceptional moment now because we had a difficult period with COVID and now, during this period, as we know, it is war, that is why the series “Flavors of Romania” will help the tourism industry. I can’t reveal too many secrets, but in my opinion, the Danube Delta is a wonderful place, and whenever you discover it comes with something new, something that delights you, and there are a lot of stories that have not been told so far.

Charlie Ottley
Video source: Team Wild Carpathia youtube

Nine episodes will make up the second season, which will revisit the nation’s historic locales to “capture Romania’s spirit with new stories, flavours, sounds, and adventures.”

Although of British origin, Charlie Ottley is among the few producers of such documentaries who managed to promote Romania at such a high level. He saw the tourist potential of Romania, and the work behind the spectacular images of Romania is to be applauded and encouraged. Each episode of these documentaries represents a gate to the knowledge of the Romanian heart, flavoured by traditions, customs and places of an entire preserved history waiting to be revealed.

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