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May 22, 2024
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British Film Director Charlie Ottley Decorated by Romanian President

The British Charlie Ottley is not only a film director, but we had to mention in the title of the post at least one of his trades. Apart from being an excellent film director and a documentary producer, Charlie Ottley is also an excellent writer and an inspired journalist. But, above all, Charlie Ottley is one of Romania’s biggest friends.

Famous for his documentaries, among which ‘Wild Carpathia‘ and ‘Flavors of Romania‘ placed him forever in the heart of the Romanian people, Charlie Ottley choose to depict Romania in its most authentic colors. His picturesque documentaries present in an objective manner the people, the traditions and the potential of this nation and for all these the British director is considered by many to be at least half Romanian.

Not only that, but Ottley succeeded in having Prince Charles of Great Britain in one of its documentaries, talking about Transylvania. If this didn’t take the attention of the international travelers about Romania, what else did?

Moreover, Charlie Ottley proved his love for the Eastern-European country when he decided to buy and restore an old traditional house in the heart of Romania, in a remote village situated in the county of Brasov.

All these made the Romanian people offer him, in return, as a symbolic gesture, one of the highest national medals: the Cultural Merit Order, Class F – Promoting of Culture. The decoration decree was signed on Wednesday, January 13, at Cotroceni, the Romanian presidential palace, by the Romanian president, Mr. Klaus Iohannis in the context when, each year, on January 15 Romania celebrates Romanian Culture Day.

Thank you for everything you have done so far for Romania, Charlie Ottley!

Photo source: Charlie Ottley’s Facebook account

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