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December 9, 2022
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Free Registration: Medical Second Opinion for Oncology Patients in Bucharest

An exceptional medical event organized in Bucharest brings two renowned doctors to aid oncology patients on October 5.

Two doctors of Anadolu Medical Center will do a face-to-face second opinion session for patients in Bucharest, seeking advice from the best experts in the field.

Dr. Eda Tanrıkulu Şimşek (Oncology specialist) and Dr. Kemal Raşa (General Surgery specialist) from Anadolu Medical Center, Turkey (affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine U.S.A.) will host a free patient meeting at VIPMED International partner office of Anadolu, in Bucharest Wednesday, October 5. With a face-to-face meeting with the doctor, you can consult about your diagnosis and get valuable recommendations for possible treatment options.

Dr. Eda Tanrıkulu Şimşek (Oncology specialist) will provide a second opinion for all types of cancer patients from a medical oncology perspective with recommendations on the latest available treatment options, including targeted therapies (smart drugs) and immunotherapy.

Dr. Kemal Raşa (General Surgery Specialist) will provide a second opinion to patients diagnosed with breast and thyroid cancer from a surgical perspective.

Places are limited, so register on Anadolu Romania for free!

About Anadolu Medical Center

Anadolu Medical Center was established by the Anadolu Foundation in 2005 and has two major characteristics: its non-profit status and its unique affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine USA, recognized worldwide.
Anadolu Medical Center treats patients in a complex and modern way, providing medical services at an international standard to improve the quality of life.
Currently, Anadolu Medical Center welcomes patients from over 65 countries worldwide. Anadolu Medical Center allows patients to feel included in a foreign country.

If you want a second opinion but also more details related to the types of treatment that patients can benefit from within the Anadolu Medical Center, you can access the official website: https://www.anadolumedicalcenter.ro or you can call at 0799 499 911.

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