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March 21, 2023
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Bucharest citizens are very high proficient English speakers – International Index

Education First released its 2019 English Proficiency Index, which has the aim of ranking 100 Countries and Regions by English Skills.

Have you ever had the pleasure of talking to a Dutch in English? We must admit their English is accurate and they easily find words and expressions you know but wouldn’t normally use in a chat or a conversation. They also have a fluency you most of us only desire to achieve. Not surprisingly, Netherlands ranks first in the top:

Countries by English Proficiency Level

As you can see, the Netherlands come first, followed by some of the Nordic countries, but also by Singapore, one of the most developed and internationalized states in the world. Romania rank in the High Proficiency tab, on the 16th, and it is outranked only by Hungary.

How do the Education First English Proficiency Index differentiate the English speakers?

Education First English Proficiency Index differentiate the English speakers by their ability to accomplish the following tasks:

Very High Proficient English Speakers are able to:

  • use nuanced and appropriate language in social situations
  • read advanced texts with ease
  • negotiate contracts with a native English speaker

High Proficient English Speakers are able to:

  • make an English presentation at work
  • understand TV shows
  • read the newspaper

As for Romania, its ranking among the High Proficient English Speaking countries by Education First Index is an honorable one and indicate the interest of its citizens for learning English. According to Eurostat statistics, Romania is one of the 6 countries in the European Union whose high-school kids all learn English in school.

As for the cities, Bucharest entered the High Proficient English Speaking top, as you can see, on 12, with Amsterdam on the top position, as expected:

Cities by English proficiency speaking

So, next time when you visit Bucharest, you’ll know you would be able to understand with the locals in English, with no problem.

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