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March 4, 2024
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Romanian People Celebrate “Day of Romanians Everywhere”

On the last Sunday of May, each year, Romanian people celebrate The Day of Romanians Everywhere. It is an opportunity for all those who remain in the country, but also for those who left, to remember they’re all Romanians: one people, one nation, one history.

Today, in the country there are living around 20 million Romanian citizens, but it is estimated that between 25-30 million people live worldwide, including the ones who live in Romania, thus natively speaking the language.

Romanians form large communities abroad. In the UK alone there are around 400,000 Romanians, the largest foreign community after the Poles. Most of them already ask for British residency and some even got British nationality meanwhile. Also, in Spain and Italy, there are large communities of Romanians.

Millions of Romanians emigrated after the Romanian Revolution, in search of a better life, reaching as far as the United States, Canada, or Israel. Most of these have achieved a certain standard of living, established families abroad, and have kids. Despite these, some consider returning back to the country one day. Others don’t even want to hear about this possibility.

With good and bad, in the country or elsewhere in the world, the Romanian people celebrate today as a nation that is a member of the European family, member of the North-Atlantic Treaty Organization, within a state which tries to get back to its former glory.

To all Romanians everywhere, we wish you all the best!

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