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July 24, 2024
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World Swimming Champion David Popovici Launches NFT Collection

World Champion David Popovici launches his first-ever NFT on ICI D|SERVICES, the first European NFT institutional trading platform. As announced by Crypto Marketing Center, Romania launched the first European institutional NFT platform: ICI D|SERVICES. This is the first significant step a European Union country takes towards making the NFT more secure and trustworthy while available to anyone.

The launch is supported by the MultiversX blockchain platform, formerly branded Elrond. Also, personalities and institutions or media press groups in Romania help the launch get more visibility.

David Popovici launches NFT collection on ICI D|SERVICES

World swimming champion David Popovici

David Popovici, the Romanian swimming sensation and World Champion, is proud to announce the release of his first-ever NFT. Titled ICONS of the Generational Circle,” this NFT represents the first release of a collection aiming to honour Olympic Sports icons. The NFT will start auctioning on April 26th, 2023, on ICI D|SERVICES, the first European NFT institutional trading platform.

“My first NFT is my way of honouring so many of my heroes, icons of Olympic Sports, but also authentic models of dedication and perseverance, who can inspire younger generations to find their passion and become the champions of tomorrow, regardless of their chosen path. I am also thrilled to play a small part in the launching of the first government initiative of this kind, which proves once again, on the one hand, that Romania is deserving of its reputation as a country of innovation and, on the other hand, that passion can fuel evolution in any field: from sports to government.”

David Popovici, World Swimming Champion

ICI D|Services becomes the first European institutional NFT trading platform with the support of MultiversX

ICI D|SERVICES (ICI Decentralized Services) has been developed by the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest and will be dedicated to digital assets. It will initially manage NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and operate based on Blockchain and Web3 technologies. This represents the first governmental initiative to join the ecosystem of innovative applications built on the MultiversX blockchain network, formerly branded as Elrond.

The platform will be officially launched on April 26th, 2023, at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, at the Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum – CIP Forum 2023. This international event focuses on Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection. The launch of ICI D|SERVICES is an essential milestone for the European Union. The ICI D|SERVICES platform will function similarly to an existing NFT marketplace, serving public and institutional purposes by operating in compliant, transparent and superior security frameworks.

There is not the first Romanian NFT collection launched in the country. A time ago, the Stramosii NFT project created quite a sensation.


Elrond, currently MultiversX, was the same blockchain platform to make that launching possible. Now, it is the same platform to support launching the collections on ICI D|SERVICES.

As part of the platform launch, there will be five more institutional NFT collections on ICI D|SERVICES, available as Digital Collectibles:

Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee. “The Generational Circle” debut NFT collection represents a recognition of the history of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee and the history of Romania’s presence at the Olympics, virtually made in the form of historical moments represented by NFTs. The collection includes an extraordinary exclusive NFT drop titled “ICONS of the Generational Circle,” paying tribute to Olympic sports icons.

AGERPRES. “Memories of Future Self” NFT collection represents awarded AGERPRES archive photographs of Romanian legacy and a view of rare moments immortalized in history.

Romfilatelia launches the first NFT collection of digital stamps. Romfilatelia, the sole authority designated by the Romanian Government to issue postage stamps, presents a unique NFT collection of 15 digital stamps entitled “A World in a Stamp”.

The collection comprises stamps that have been transformed into NFTs, with particular attention paid to the first Romanian stamp Bull Head and the gold replica of the first stamp of 27 parale, to astronomical phenomena, famous Romanian actors, and the royal history of Romania. The collection also includes stamps that celebrate the Universal Postal Union and the documented existence of Bucharest.

Each NFT features beautifully illustrated designs and intricate details, such as gold foiling and graphic elements printed with ink visible in UV.

Central University Library “Carol I”. “Our AI Story – Central University Library Reimagined” is a unique NFT collection of AI-generated artworks that capture different aspects of the library, highlighting its rich history, cultural significance and its role as a gateway to knowledge.

The platform’s highly secure and decentralized blockchain network provides superior protection against cyber threats, ensuring a safe and efficient trading experience for digital assets.

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