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July 12, 2024
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Cybersecurity Threats in Romania Continue to Rise

The Bucharest National Cybersecurity Conference 2022 took place recently, and the statistics and rates compelled the National Department for cybersecurity to indicate that cyber threats and hacks are increasing and prove a serious issue.

Parts of the report of the conference discussions were publicly released, revealing some of the issues within the cyber threats.

”Cyber attackers can actively exploit two flaws in the Internet Explorer web browser in the Windows operating system – LogCrusher and OverLog – to be able to take over another device[…]”

Cybersecurity Conference Report 2022

The document reported around 21.911 cyber security breaches and problems, with approximately 150 specific targets. Some speculations point to the war between Russia and Ukraine as being the source of the boost in digital threats.

One recommendation is the update of all search engines and softwares such as Internet Explorer, to be updated and strengthened in the cyber security features and coding.

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