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July 12, 2024
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Fancy a Trip to Croatian Beaches this Summer?

Yes, we’re in full COVID-19 pandemic, let alone the lockdown measures worldwide. Still, some very smart European leaders from some very beautiful countries already think about the summer season ahead.

Croatia, one of the countries which highly depends on tourism, as 20% of the GDP is produced by this sector, thought about opening its borders to foreign tourists. So far, the Croatian leaders initiated discussions with neighboring Czech Republic leaders, whom they proposed to inaugurate a touristic road between the two countries, for the Czech tourists to be able to spend their summer on the exquisite Croatian shores.

How would this be possible? Croatia will accept tourists with the condition that they bring, from their native countries, an official document stating they’re COVID-19 free. This will allow them to enter the country with the car or by plane.

Also, Croatia thinks about bringing tourists from other countries as well – Hungary or Austria. Though, tourists from the strongly affected countries, such as Italy or Spain, won’t be allowed in the country, Croatian officials stated.

Romanian tourists could have a good chance of entering the European touristic corridor, through Hungary, but it is too early to predict what would happen this summer.

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