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July 5, 2020
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How to protect yourself from Coronavirus Covid-19

Romania registered its first Coronavirus Covid-19 infection case

The first case of Coronavirus in Romania was confirmed on Wednesday night. The subject is a man from Gorj county, who came into contact with an Italian diagnosed with coronavirus, who recently visited Romania. Victor Costache, the Romanian Minister of Health, and the Secretary of State Raed Arafat, the director of the Emergency Situations Department, announced that there are 7 more people who live in the house of this infected person – no children, but elderly people – all being tested and with negative results.

How to protect yourself from Coronavirus Covid-19

The most important measure is personal hygiene, according to the WHO guidelines – frequent and rigorous handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Covering the mouth and nose in case of coughing or sneezing, rigorous thermal preparation of meat, avoiding contact with animals or moving to food markets, avoiding contact with persons with respiratory manifestations (coughing, sneezing) – these all are very good prevention methods against Covid-19.

In addition, the World Health Organization recommends keeping a distance from anyone who has the symptoms of a cold or flu. Although the number of deaths due to the virus is increasing worldwide, the specialists assure us that the most affected people are the oldest and with heart problems.

Even if Coronavirus spread fear all over the world, one should know that:

– Coronavirus hasn’t killed any child younger than 9 years old

– Coronavirus killed mostly people over their 80 or suffering from other diseases

– The total number of infected persons all over the world reached 80,000. Out of these, 30,000 people recovered and 2,200 died.

– The basic measures to be taken for preventing getting infected are the same as in the common flu case: wash your hands, avoid staying near the sick persons, strengthen your immune system.

Does wearing a mask protect you from coronavirus?

Wearing a medical mask may help limit the spread of respiratory diseases. However, only wearing the mask is not guaranteed to stop infections and must be combined with other preventive measures, including hand and respiratory hygiene and avoiding close contact – at least 1 meter distance between you and others.

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