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July 16, 2024
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Christmas Lights Festival Begins in Bucharest

As announced by Visit Bucharest, the second edition of the worldwide festival of light projects, Lights On, will be held in the Romanian capital’s sector two on Friday, December 9. From December 9 to December 18, nine pieces by artists from Poland, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and Romania will be displayed at well-known and obscure locales.

In sector 2 of Bucharest, in one of its central parks, Ioanid Park, where last year’s work Gaia by the same artist enthralled the people of Bucharest, the renowned installation Museum of the Moon by the British Luke Jerram will be on display for the first time. The installation has never before travelled to Bucharest as a part of a free event.

The 20-meter-long installation Stringed by the Dutch artist Gijs van Bon will undoubtedly catch people’s attention in Bucharest’s Morarilor Park, while Diva, a highly innovative sculpture by the French artist Thomas Voillaume, will inspire people near the Technical University of Constructions, and Balloomi and Aqua Olimpia, two pieces by the Polish artist Artur Grycuk, will be illuminated in the Grădina Icoanei park.

Mi-e dor de tine (Photo source: Lights On Festival)

Of course, the installation MI-E DOR DE TINE, designed by Andi Daiszler, the organization’s creator, and has never been seen in Bucharest, should not be missed.

The event, with the tagline “Light is more than energy,” discusses the context of the energy crisis in an incredibly open and honest way by outlining for the first time the energy consumption of each light installation so that the public is aware that it can actively contribute to electricity conservation, a hotly debated issue at the moment.

Si mie (Photo source: Lights On Festival)

The total electricity consumption of the installations exhibited in Bucharest is 4kwh, i.e. an average consumption of a home where the four members carry out their usual daily activities such as preparing food, watching TV, reading by lamplight or playing on the computer.

The general theme of the edition is Intersection, and the public will be able to enjoy installations that talk about this theme for the first time while other installations loved by the general public return to Bucharest.

The areas of interest for this edition are the Ioanid, Grădina Icoanei, Păsărari and Morarilor parks in Sector 2.

We need reasons to make us dream, things to inspire us, to keep us curious. Lights On is an excellent urban explorer that brings people out of their homes in cold and dark times precisely to introduce them to new spaces in their city. Lights On is an excellent urban explorer in a cold and dark time, a festival that moves the audience and introduces them to new spaces.

Andi Daiszler, founder of Lights On
The pillar of light of Infinity (Photo source: Lights On Festival)

The festival arrives in Bucharest for the second consecutive year, after in December 2022 several hundred thousand people saw, photographed and interacted with the light installations during the 10 days of the exhibition.

In fact, the festival has just finished its fifth edition in Cluj-Napoca, held between November 18 and 27. More than 120,000 people saw, photographed and interacted with the light installations exhibited during this edition.

Lights On was a joy for the people of Bucharest in 2021 and I am convinced that it will be a joy in 2022 as well. The lights of December can be more than just illuminated on the boulevards, they can be works of art by extraordinarily talented artists. I am glad that the people of Bucharest can see such works in sector 2.

Radu Mihaiu, the mayor of sector 2
Museum of the Moon (Photo source: Lights On Festival)

Lights On is a free festival of light installations launched in 2018 in Cluj-Napoca. The 2022 edition is financially supported by the Mihai Eminescu Cultural Center and the Sector 2 City Hall, CEC BANK, George by BCR, UiPath Foundation, Mercedes Benz by ATP Motors, Daisler Print House.

Lights On brings light into public space as a metaphor and artistic medium to change the defeatist narrative we’ve been surrounded by since the beginning of the year. Under the concept of Intersection, we change the trajectory towards a more optimistic, sometimes timeless or fantastic vision of the world, of the future.

Daniel Popescu, the artistic director of Lights On

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