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September 28, 2020
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Cases of Reinfection with Coronavirus in Romania

Romania recorded several cases of reinfection with Coronavirus, according to the Minister of Health. He also mentioned that the cases were being monitored and studied.

There are discussions at the scientific level about the reinfections (with Coronavirus) after the appearance of new possible virus strains. There are a several cases of reinfection in Romania and we study them at the moment.

Romanian Minister of Health, Nelu Tataru

Also, the Romanian minister appreciated Romania is during the second phase of the first coronavirus wave. This comes after some specialists appreciated Romania might be during the second wave of the pandemic.

Also, Nelu Tataru warned about the risk of having a very difficult period ahead in September, with the schools opening and people coming back from vacation. Also in September, Romania will hold the local elections, another difficult exam to be passed by the authorities.

At the moment, Romania tries to keep under control the situation and to lower the daily number of COVID-19 cases.

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