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January 28, 2021
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Bucharest Waste Management Crisis

If one walks by along Bucharest boulevards. some of them very famous among foreigners and expats, one finds it impossible not to notice what locals have already noticed since the end of the elections: lots of garbage bags on the pavements, littering what some consider to be the most beautiful districts of the Romanian capital city.

Bucharest waste management crisis installed right after the local elections in District 1 (Sector 1) were won by a new district mayor, in November 2020. The situation looks as you can see in the pictures, but the pictures don’t transmit the pestilential smells.

On one hand, the current mayor, the district mayor, the French-born Romanian politician Clotilde Armand, blames the company contracted to collect the waste for jacking up the prices for their services during the previous term and with the complicity of the former district mayor.

On the other hand, the contracted company blames the District 1 Mayor’s Office of not paying due invoices summing up around EUR 20 M. Also, they announced they would do anything possible to collect the waste with their resources. Still, the debt is too high for them to properly continue delivering services towards the District Hall.

Instead of putting on winter holidays’ clothes. Romanian Capital is littered with garbage, reminding the people of the Naples waste management crisis from the ’90s. Hopefully, this one would be solved quicker than the Italian one.

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