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June 4, 2020
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Bucharest Municipality to build EUR 1 billion hospital

The largest hospital in the country and one of the biggest in the Eastern Europe, Bucharest Metropolitan Hospital is to be built starting from 2020. The project stretches over the next five years and it will cost close to EUR 1 billion, which is the biggest investment in such a project in Romania.

The advantages of having such a hospital in Bucharest are obvious – Bucharest has officially up to 1,9 million inhabitants, but the unofficial data say in Bucharest live more than 3 million inhabitants, along with the ones living in the outskirts of the Romanian capital city. The limits of the current Bucharest hospitals have been shown in the past, the most painful one during the tragic incident which happened in one of the city’s clubs, when more than 60 persons died, some because of the poor treatment they got afterwards.

The Metropolitan Hospital will accommodate 750 patients at once and will have 33 operating rooms. Apart from that, the Mayorship’s project includes a kindergarten and a nursery, but also a heliport on the hospital’s roof.

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