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July 24, 2024
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Romania’s ForMin Bogdan Aurescu at BBC Hard Talks: I Do Not Comment on Military Help Offered to Ukraine

Bogdan Aurescu, Romania’s Foreign Minister, refused to disclose the military assistance provided by Romania to Ukraine. The Romanian diplomat said he couldn’t comment despite the host’s attempts, as this was “his government’s policy”.

He supported his refusal by saying that it was better and more efficient that way. He was asked why Romania was keeping secret the extent of help offered to Ukraine, and Aurescu replied:

Because this is the policy of my Government. We consider it is more efficient this way. The thing that is really important is for NATO and for NATO allies to be able to help in an efficient manner Ukraine, and we think that this is better for Ukraine.

Romania’s Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu during Hard Talks on BBC
BBC Hard Talks - Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu
Romania’s Bogdan Aurescu at BBC Hard Talks

Even though the Romanian official offered no detail on the support that Romania offers Ukraine, it is clear that the country is helping Ukraine to a large extent. This seems to confirm Russia’s accusation that Romania sends weapons to Ukraine. Romania only admitted that it sends protective equipment to Ukraine, but the officials have never admitted other weaponry or heavy equipment.

Apart from the presumable military, yet undisclosed, let’s not forget Romania is the European humanitarian hub. Also, Romania is the country to allow Ukrainian cereal exports to go through its territory, which stirred turmoils among the Romanian and also Bulgarian farmers who started protests at the Romanian border.

Also, the British host reminded the viewers about the large part of the Romanian population, which opposes the support the country offers Ukraine. But minister Bogdan Aurescu contradicted his host by underlying that his Government was doing the right thing by helping Ukraine, which is the victim of Russian aggression.

The public support in Romania for assisting Ukraine, I think it’s quite large, and I think we are doing the right thing. Russia has violated international law, Russia has violated the territory of Ukraine. Ukraine is the victim of the aggression, we need to support Ukraine, and I think this is clear for the large majority of Romanians, no doubt about that.

Bogdan Aurescu on the assistance Romania offers Ukraine

The talk will be broadcast on BBC on Saturday, April 1. The two also talk about the Bystroye Canal scandal and the criticism Romania brought to the minority law in Ukraine.

The audio recording is already available on the BBC Hard Talks platform for those who want to listen to the show.

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