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June 22, 2024
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Bulgarian Farmers Block Border Points with Romania in Protest against Cheap Ukrainian Grain Exports

Protests against the cheap Ukrainian grain exports reach Bulgaria as well. Bulgarian farmers block the crossing points at the Romanian border in protests against the exports of Ukrainian grains.

As announced by Crisis24.com, The Bulgarian National Association of Grain Producers is leading protests at four border crossing points with Romania from March 29-31. The purpose of the action is to demand the government change rules around importing grain from Ukraine, which activists claim undercuts domestic producers. The targeted crossing points are Vidin, Ruse, Kardam, and Silistra; activists intend to use vehicles to block customs areas and adjacent roads.

The protests will result in significant disruptions at the targeted crossing points, including delays and possible suspension of traffic through border checkpoints. Authorities will deploy additional security forces to monitor the protests and may attempt to disperse protesters. The actions are likely to remain peaceful, though isolated clashes between activists and security services or with disgruntled road users are possible.

It’s not only Bulgarian farmers but also Romanian and Poland farmers who are unhappy with the decision to allow Ukrainian products to be exported to the European Union. The low prices and low quality make the Ukrainian grain flood the market instead of the higher quality but higher pricing Bulgarian, Poland and Romanian cereals.

Not only that, but the sums allocated to the three countries by the European Union to cover the costs of the losses are ridiculous: Poland will receive 30 million euros, Bulgaria will receive 16 million, and Romania will receive the least money, 10 million euros. Apparently, after Romanian farmers’ protests, the EU decided to increase the funds to Romania, but an official announcement from Brussels is yet to come.

In February, the Romanian farmers asked the European Union to impose controls at the border for Ukrainian grains, as they are exempt from such checking. This allows Ukrainian products with pesticides to enter the European market.

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