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September 17, 2021
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EURO 2020: Austria – North Macedonia To Be Played in Bucharest, Heavy Rain Expected

Austria – North Macedonia is scheduled to be played in Bucharest on Sunday, June 13, starting at 19.00 local time, 18.00 CET. The match is played on National Arena in Group C of the UEFA EURO 2020 final tournament.

Hundreds of Austrian and Macedonian football fans already arrived in Bucharest. Most of them enjoyed one or more beers with friends at the terraces in the Old Town of Bucharest, a place where supporters regularly gather before international games.

Romania didn’t make it to the European final tournament, so Romanians miss a big opportunity: to see their national team playing at home during a major football tournament.

Heavy rain expected before the game in Bucharest

On Saturday the rain flooded the pitch so much as the Austrian players who were training dived into the naturally formed pool on the National Arena. The roof was not used to protect the pitch, as UEFA wants the matches to be played in the open air. Another stadium in Bucharest was used by both teams to have their training.

Austrian football players on National Arena in Bucharest

Heavy rain is expected before the Sunday game as well. If the weather doesn’t allow the match to be played, it is going to be postponed for the following day.

When in Bucharest for the EURO 2020 matches, check more details on other events taking place in Romania’s capital. Maybe you fall in love with some of the Bucharest attractions and lifestyles.

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