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May 22, 2024
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Romania to Issue 140,000 Working Permits in 2024 for Non-EU Residents

Romania needs more workers from outside the European Union. According to a draft governmental ordinance, 140,000 employees outside the EU could be hired in Romania in 2024.

This number is 40% higher than the existing limit of 100,000, which means that Romania needs even more workers from Asian countries.

There are specific procedures to be fulfilled before the workers actually come and work in Romania, and it also takes time. The recruiting companies tell about a time frame of 6 months from the moment the candidate is interviewed and accepted by the Romanian employer until he arrives in the country. That means that in January, candidates will be recruited to work in the summer in hospitality, during the peak season on the Romanian seashore, or in agriculture, to harvest the fields.

This also means there is no or less workforce availability if an employer needs it immediately, creating blockages in production and services in Romania.

Bucharest residents got used to being catered for by Asian personnel, and if you enter restaurants, you immediately spot the Asian personnel hired to replace the local workforce.

Why don’t Romanians want to work in hospitality, services, production and agriculture? Many youngsters dream of becoming influencers or getting money from social media or TikTok lives. Others consider salaries under their dignity and do lousier jobs abroad but for more money.

Either way, the Government’s decision seems correct under the current circumstances. Many employers can hire new personnel, even though they won’t speak Romanian initially. The economy is still alive as long as entrepreneurs maintain it that way, and the 140,000 licences for temporary working in Romania could boost the local entrepreneurs and the economy.

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Dubem December 30, 2023 at 9:12 pm

Update on Romania Job for foreign worker’s which month recruitment will begin


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