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April 21, 2024
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Armenian Street Festival Comes to Bucharest this Weekend

Following an international tradition, present in some significant Capital Cities in Europe and elsewhere, the Armenian Street Festival is an event that attracts crowds of locals and tourists wherever organized. It’s not only about the food, the traditional clothing or the famous music but also about the connection attendants establish between them.

As announced by Visit Bucharest, this year, the Union of Armenians in Romania presents the 7th edition of the Armenian Street Festival, organized in premiere inside the Botanical Garden in Bucharest. The place is not new for the international fans of Wednesday, the famous Netflix series, as some of the scenes were shot here. So, if you decide to come to the festival, you’ll also have the opportunity to recognize some of the places from the series, but not only that.

On August 26 and 27, Armenian culture and traditions are celebrated with concerts, music and dances, food, good mood, and Armenian, Romanian and ethnic minority artists from Romania.

The 7th edition of the Armenian Street Festival – Festivalul Strada Armeneasca brings two days full of unique events for the public of all ages. For two days, the Bucharest Botanical Garden will host ten live music concerts by artists from Armenia and Romania, two DJ sets, a craft fair, and participants will also enjoy international gastronomy, coffee on the sand, exhibitions, a library in nature, made by Ararat Publishing House and Armenian dance workshops, traditional stone sculpture (Khachkar).

For over twenty years, the „Teryan Cultural Center” in Yerevan has been involved in a wide range of activities for the preservation and dissemination of cultural, literary, educational, ethnographic, scientific, research and spiritual values; promotes the preservation and spread of spiritual and cultural values, encourages the development of Armenian culture, organizes and conducts courses in tailoring, manual work, embroidery, carpet weaving, as well as several other crafts.

The festival opens its doors between 12:00 and 22:45 each day.

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