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May 30, 2024
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Romania Dies Slowly but Surely: All-time Lowest Birth Rate in 2022

In 2022, Romania recorded the lowest birth rate in the country’s history. The nation simply dies slowly but surely, and projections show the nation is going to number only 16 million in 2050. The latest census, compiled in 2022, showed the country has around 19 million inhabitants.

Last year there were only 158,000 newly born. In comparison, in 1990, there were 350,000 babies born in the country. Besides, according to Romanian officials, in 2022, more Romanian babies were born abroad than in the country. The latest data wasn’t officially confirmed yet, but the statements were publicly made.

There are multiple factors to influence this plummet in the birth rate in the country. Firstly, the Romanian state doesn’t encourage natality. It even looks like Romania doesn’t want more babies to be born in the country. The allowance the Romanian state offers to each child is ridiculous: EUR 50 a month for each child between 2 and 18 years old. How many families afford to raise a kid these days? This is why the abortion rate is at its peak.

Another reason for this decline in the birth rate is that the population is getting older and older. The young immigrate to Western countries, where the salaries are higher, and there are plenty of opportunities to have a better life. This is why they prefer having babies abroad.

Fewer Romanians dare to become parents in a state that doesn’t support the newly born. Meanwhile, the country struggles to import Asian labour force, but this process is not easy, even though Romania offers 100,000 working permits a year. If the trend continues, Romania will certainly have trouble ensuring pensions in a few years, and there will be harder for those still working to contribute to the retirement system.

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