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March 4, 2024
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In April Romania Could Have 1,000 COVID-19 Cases Daily – Medical Opinion

Despite their promises, Romanian authorities could’t offer a specific period for the peak of the COVID-19 crisis. So far, some of the prominent medical figures offered vague information about that moment, considering it to be ‘somewhere in April’, but also there were some opinions who said this peak is going to be in May.

Dr. Alexandru Rafila, the chair of the Romanian Microbiology Society, one of the most credible persons when talking about the COVID-19 crisis in Romania, said that Romania was 2-3 weeks behind what was happening in Italy and Spain. Also, he said in Romania there would be, in April, around Easter holiday, more than 1,000 cases a day.

In the same time, he admitted Romania would report more cases a day as long as the medical authorities increase the number of Coronavirus tests. So far, Romania has tested only a small percentage of population, mainly those who presented the symptoms, but also their contacts. Though, the Bucharest mayor asked for a mass testing in Bucharest, and the authorities promised they would start testing a sample of 10,000 locals to identify potential red areas.

Romania already has more infected patients than those reported, but the limited number of tests hasn’t permitted the testing of the population on a larger scale. On one hand, it is a good thing authorities decided to increase the number of COVID-19 tests, on the other hand it is normal that by increasing the number of tests, more and more Romanians will be found as infected with the Coronavirus.

Don’t forget: doctors say around 80% of the infected patients don’t even know they got infected, as they have no symptoms. This is a good thing, as more are becoming immune to the virus, but also a bad thing, as lots of Romanians disregard the restrictions impose by authorities, saying they are healthy.

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