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May 22, 2024
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Artificial Intelligence in Romanian Oncology: DOCVISER

The fight against cancer is challenging for doctors, oncology researchers and patients. Romania is currently becoming one of the countries offering state-of-the-art solutions based on Artificial Intelligence to make the entire process of treatment and healing of patients more efficient.

MCRO, one of the most reputable software development companies in Cluj Napoca, launched Docviser, the first oncology healthcare application in Romania, dedicated to improving the collaboration between doctors and the care of cancer patients.

DOCVISER is a product that incorporates Artificial Intelligence to extract relevant data and provide the best results to improve medical decisions for those who use it. And the numbers so far are highly encouraging.

Since the launch of this application, it has been used by 99 doctors, nurses and pharmacists from 29 clinics registered in the application.

Docviser platform
DOCVISER dashboard screens

Artificial Intelligence helped all these specialists to prescribe 5106 drugs and treatment schemes and monitor treatment progress for the benefit of 1876 patients. During all this time, the platform supported establishing remote medical commissions to analyze 67 complex cases requiring multidisciplinary decision-making, with specialists located in different locations.

Docviser involves intelligently prescribing treatment through the continuous development of an artificial intelligence model. It recommends the optimal treatment in each case, taking into account both the active substance through the treatment protocol and the dose prescribed based on the one calculated and adjusted according to comorbidities, creatinine level and other relevant indicators that will appear in the future.

The product was developed with the direct involvement of oncologists, adapted to their needs and streamlines the flow of information from the patient to doctors, medical staff and pharmacists, offering real-time progress on the status of the treatment protocol.

Healthcare app

The process of using DOCVISER involves oncologists but also assistants and pharmacists:

  • Clinic doctors upload all patient data and initial diagnosis.
  • For each case, a treatment protocol is assigned with the drug and dose recommended by the platform, or the doctor can decide to prescribe a new treatment.
  • Once the treatment protocol is validated, it is sent to the pharmacy for preparation.
  • As soon as the treatment is prepared, it is sent to the nurse to be administered to the patient.

Throughout the process, all the medical personnel involved in the patient’s treatment receive, depending on the level of access, live notifications about the status of the treatment protocol. Doctors can communicate through the web application through messages, comments or video calls, which made it possible to streamline the meetings of tumor boards.

Alexandru Iliescu, Zalau County Hospital
MD Alexandru Iliescu, Head of Oncology Dep in Zalau County Hospital

DOCVISER helps me make better treatment decisions by leveraging the power of state-of-the-art technology and Artificial Intelligence. But even if we think about the current activities, such as meeting multidisciplinary committees – the application allows the oncologist to talk in real-time with other doctors from other specialties (pathological anatomy, radiotherapy, cardiology and others) or simply to ask for a second opinion, and this makes these decisions much easier to make in a very organized environment. Before Docviser, it was much more difficult to set up these commissions, and doctors had to send the documents from one to another to be analyzed and signed. It was harder to meet, we communicated in writing, and working remotely was impossible. Docviser offers us all the support we need to make decisions much easier and securely. Now I can focus on what matters most – taking care of my patients.

Alexandru Iliescu, Medical Director and head of the Oncology Department of Zalău County Hospital.

DOCVISER unifies technology with the oncology patient care process. Within this application, medical records and health history exist securely in one place for physicians and licensed medical personnel to gain a fast, in-depth, data-driven understanding of each patient’s needs.

Alex Lazar, CEO of Docviser
Alex Lazar, CEO of MCRO

„Working with professionals in the field and having on our side medical expertise provided by oncology experts, we have created an intuitive and easy-to-use platform so that doctors and the entire medical staff can collaborate much more effectively within the clinics. DOCVISER perfectly combines scientific research and experience accumulated over the years with artificial intelligence and the latest generation of technological advances. I believe these fields are closely related, and there is an extraordinary potential in validating scientific research with real-life data; therefore, the application contributes to saving patients’ lives by making medical decisions easier”.

Alex Lazăr, CEO MCRO.

At the end of last year, Alex Lazar offered an exclusive interview to our news platform, and he talked more about the advantages of using DOCVISER in oncology.

Docviser is an intelligent application for rapid care management of cancer patients and offers:

  • Improving the collection of health data and the evolution of prescribed treatments;
  • More accurate diagnosis, based on the medical experience of oncology professionals, transposed into the modules used by Artificial Intelligence;
  • Personalized treatment protocols for each patient;
  • The ability to communicate more quickly and efficiently between oncologists and the medical staff who help in oncological treatment;
  • Cost and time management;
  • Traceability of the medical document

DOCVISER is designed to become the online hub for cancer treatment services in the healthcare industry. This platform will become an indispensable tool for medical centers and open new cancer treatment and research horizons. The platform has the potential to revolutionize healthcare systems as we know them, using machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data and other intelligent technologies.

About MCRO

MCRO is a software development company focused on building innovative digital products. With over ten years of application development experience, MCRO’s software developers maximize the use of Artificial Intelligence from product creativity and design to development and scaling to provide companies with a maximized return on investment.

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