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February 23, 2024
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Romanian Tech Company Yarooms Introduces Digital Reception as Solution for Visitor Management

Yarooms, leading workplace experience solution provider, announces Digital Receptionthe visitor management system providing a safe environment for guests and employees while maintaining complete control and visibility over the workplace.

Along with Room booking, Desk booking, and Work planning, the newly developed Digital Reception app becomes part of the workplace experience suite and ensures workplace safety and compliance. The app facilitates the daily employee check-in process and provides a seamless experience for visitors entering the premises. It confirms their arrival, requests to fill a safety screening questionnaire and notifies the person they are meeting, so there is no need for reception calling or messaging them.

The Yarooms Digital Reception is the latest capability to contribute to the complete workplace experience solution. It was a priority to roll it out, knowing how important it is to our clients. We always keep in mind the employees’ safety and experience, and we believe this is a welcome addition which saves time and keeps the required control and visibility over their workplace.

Dragos Badea, Yarooms Founder & CEO

The first impression must be robust and lasting, so the Digital Reception app is branding-friendly, allowing clients to customize the app interface according to their brand guidelines. Apart from the good looks, the Digital Reception solves another critical situation – huddled reception areas. The app helps companies manage the influx of people, with the digital sign-in form being up to three times faster than the traditional pen & paper way.

The contemporary tool serves as a front desk no matter where companies install it, not only in the traditional welcome area. With the COVID-19 pandemic still in sight, companies require solutions such as the Yarooms Digital Reception to keep up with the changing procedures, maintaining the flexibility of rolling out new requirements as needed. 

About Yarooms

Yarooms is a Romanian tech company creating powerful yet easy-to-use workplace management software since 2010. Their desk booking, meeting room booking, work planning, and visitor management solutions help organizations worldwide get started with hybrid work and future-proof their workplaces. Today, Yarooms serves enterprises across 65+ countries.

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