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May 6, 2021
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World Bank Improves Forecast for Romanian Economy: 4.3% Growth in 2021

World Bank improves the economic forecast for Romania in 2021 and estimates a growth of 4.3% this year. The announcement was made on Wednesday, March 31, and it is a consistent improvement as compared to the previous estimation of the specialists.

In January 2021, World Bank estimated a growth of only 3.5% of the Romanian economy. I’s a 0.8% improvement between the two estimations and this is a good signal for the investors.

Also, good news as regarding the Romanian economy forecast in 2022: World Bank sees another growth as well, this time of 4.1%.

The estimations come in a moment when the Romanian economy tries to get back to the level between the pandemic. With a weak Romanian currency – Leu (RON), but a determined entrepreneurial environment which expands internationally, Romania could take advantage of the situation and improve its trade deficit by exporting more.

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