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March 31, 2023
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Will Romania Have a December 1st Parade this Year?

In less than a month, on December 1, Romanians celebrate their national day, paying homage to the Great Union of the three historic provinces, realized in 1918.

On the occasion of December 1, military parades, wreath-laying ceremonies and cultural-artistic events are organized. The most important such events are organized in Bucharest and Alba Iulia.

Each year, the open-air concerts that serve traditional dishes gather thousands of people eager to party. But the military parade gathers even more people who can’t wait to enjoy the show staged by the approximately 4,000 soldiers and specialists from the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Romanian Intelligence Service and the National Administration of Penitentiaries. The parade of the military along with that of the over 200 technical means and over 50 aircraft, delight those present, from children of a few years to grandparents.

This year, though, it will all be very different. Asked about the organization of the military parade on December 1 this year, Nicolae Ciucă, the Romanian Minister of National Defense, said that solutions are being sought in this regard. Against the background of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is very important to respect the restrictions imposed in order to stop the spread of the Sars Cov-2 virus.

The variants that we take into account for sure are conditioned by the pandemic situation we are in, we cannot get out of everything that has been established at the level of the National Committee for Emergency Situations, as such, as you could observe on October 25, when we celebrate the National Army Day, I think it is very important the quality of the activities, not their size and scale and in this way we look for solutions so as to mark the National Day in accordance with the rigors imposed by the limitations and restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nicolae Ciucă, the Romanian Minister of National Defense

In this context, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stated last week that the Executive will extend the state of alert by a Government Decision that will be adopted in mid-November and will also regulate the way in which Romania’s National Day will be marked. 

Photo source: Romanian Ministry of Defence

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