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April 21, 2024
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Year in Search 2022 – What Romanians Searched for on Google in 2022

Around this time each year, Google releases its yearly summary of the most important search trends, which serves as a reminder of everything that happened in 2022 and summarizes the top search trends in Romania for that year.

The ranking displays the top three Google searches by Romanians in 2022 between popular searches, home recipes and movies.

What Romanians searched for on Google in 2022

Looking back at 2022, it can be said that this was a year with other major changes. From the much-desired pandemic freedom to military confrontations and socio-political conflicts, 2022 was certainly not a boring one from the point of view of Google searches.

Of course, when it comes to Romanian searches, it seems that a movie would work perfectly between world conflicts. The searches of Romanians are diverse, and at first glance, the searches are mainly focused on free time activities and worldwide popular news.

But without further ado, let’s look at the outcomes listed below.


  1. Team building
  2. Capra cu trei iezi (The Goat with Three Kids) – huge success in Romania
  3. Black Adam
  4. Thor love and thunder
  5. Morbius
  6. 365 days: This day
  7. Encanto
  8. Top Gun
  9. Uncharted
  10. Spider man: No way home

It seems that this year Romanians enjoyed Romanian films. Two of the best-seller cinematic creations were produced in Romania, and they are now in the top 2 most searched movies in Romania. The rest of the films in this list were well received by the international audience. It is no surprise that Romanians also sought out this kind of movie, being extremely receptive to the globalization phenomenon.


  1. Brownie
  2. Traditional lamb soup
  3. Zacuscă (traditional Romanian recipe)
  4. Pască fără aluat (traditional recipe)
  5. Cozonac cu nuca rețeta bunicii (traditional recipe)
  6. Tempura
  7. Pancakes
  8. Balmos
  9. Ciorbă a la grec (traditional recipes)
  10. Macarons

Romanians are probably champions at searching for recipes on the Internet and experimenting at home. It can be seen that most searches are traditional Romanian recipes, which is different from last year when most of them were world-wide known recipes.

Popular Searches

  1. Ukraine
  2. Census
  3. Queen Elisabeth
  4. Russia
  5. Nosfe (Romanian singer)
  6. Florin Salam (Roma singer)
  7. iPhone 14
  8. Putin
  9. Eurovision
  10. Climate change

Ukraine and Russia were in everyone’s searches on Google, being an event with a global impact. The war at the gates of Europe attracted the attention of the whole world, especially the Romanians, whose borders are near Ukraine. Of course, the death of Queen Elizabeth II, another major event in 2022, was highly searched on Google.

2022 was a year with a strong global impact, similar to 2021, and this can be seen in the similarities of international Google Searches as well.

For further information about Romanian Year in Search 2022, explore the official link.

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