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October 4, 2023
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What Romanians Search For On Google. Would You Guess?

Google Trends offers, in real time, the trends in Google searches around the world. This is a very useful free tool for any SEO agency, but also it is a curiosity anybody can satisfy when accessing this rankings.

Now, as we are at the end of the year, we can look back at Google Trends and see what are the most popular searches Romanians conduct on Google.

According to Google Trends, the most popular searches in 2019 for Romania were:

Romanian popular searches on Google in 2019

The first three positions for the Romanians’ popular searches on Google in 2019 are occupied by the following:

  1. eMag black friday – eMag is the most popular e-shopping platform for Romanians, and in 2019 eMag sold 41,5 million Euros worth of goods during Balck Friday.
  2. Razvan Ciobanu – this was a well-known Romanian designer, whose death in a car accident generated this trend in 2019 searches
  3. About You – the launching of the fashion e-platform in Romania generated the searches trend in 2019

Romanian sport searched on Google in 2019

The first three positions for the Romanians’ sport searches on Google this year are occupied by the following:

  1. Romania – Sweden – it was an important football game, decisive for the qualifying of the Romanian football team for the European Football Cup in 2020. The game was lost by the Romanian team, who needed a victory to qualify.
  2. Wimbledon – Simona Halep, former number 1 in WTA rankings, won Wimbledon in 2019 after a disputed final with Serena Williams
  3. Romania – Spain – again, a very important football game in the qualifying group for the European Football Caup 2020. lost by the Romanian team.

Romanian “what is” searches in 2019

Romanians searched for the following keywords related to “what is” phrase:

  1. What is meningitis
  2. What is an orc
  3. What is the verb

These three searches related to “what is” keyword became trends in 2019 because the spread of the meningitis among Romanian population, the movie “Bright” on Netflix and the high school exams.

Romanian recipes searches on Google in 2019

Romanians have searched for the following recipes:

  1. Elderflower lemonade – this is one of the most preferred sort of lemonades by the Romanians. It is no wonder it is the most searched for recipe
  2. Pancakes original recipes – the pancake restaurants are relatively new in Romania. Yet, Romanians search for this kind of food and for the recipes behind it
  3. Sweet bread recipe – one of the Romanian traditions asks for sweet bread each time an important religious holiday is celebrated – Easter, Christmas or other winter holidays.

Romanian “how to” searches on Google in 2019

Romanians have searched for the following “how to” related keywords:

  1. How to calculate the circle area – this is a search related to a question a journalist asked the former Romanian PM and presidential candidate, Mrs. Viorica Dancila. She didn’t know the answer and the circle radius calculation became one of the trends in Romania for 2019
  2. How does the flue manifest
  3. How to vote – this one is close related to the European and presidential elections in Romania, which offered a decade record as the number of people who actually voted for a candidate.

Are you curious about what Romanians searched on the internet in 2019? Click on Google Trends for Romania in 2019 and you’ll see the most popular searches for this year in Romania.

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