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April 19, 2024
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What is Flurona, What Do We Know About It?

Flurona. This is what we have heard about for the last few days. But what is Flurona, and what do we know about Flurona so far?

What is Flurona?

Flurona is a term coined by combining two words: Influenza, flu on short, and Corona. Hence the expression: Flurona.

Basically, you have Flurona when you contracted both influenza and coronavirus at the same time.

The first case of the so-called Flurona occurred in Israel, but now the Spanish medical authorities reported several cases discovered on their territory.

How dangerous is Flurona?

On the one hand, there is insufficient data about Flurona. All doctors know is the medical situation when one person has influenza and COVID-19 at the same time. On the other hand, the new coronavirus co-existed with many other diseases and viruses simultaneously. No individual is perfectly healthy or 100% immune to viruses and infections. So far, we are sure that coronavirus has infected people infected with other viruses at the same time.

Besides, we are currently passing the influenza period. It’s the flu time. It’s normal for people to get the flu, as it’s normal to get infected with the new coronavirus.

The problem is that when such double infections occur, the person may have a weak immune system. Thus, that person could suffer more and have stronger symptoms than one with only flu or coronavirus.

If we are to conclude right now, we’d say that it’s too early to call it dangerous or not, as there is not enough data to be analyzed. But it’s better to be prudent and protect yourself rather than pretend it’s another conspiracy of a kind.

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