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June 17, 2024
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Weather Cools Drastically in Romania to Minus 10 °C

The weather in Romania will cool sharply until Thursday, March 30, across the country, meteorologists announced on Tuesday. According to a warning from ANM – Romanian Meteo Administration, from Tuesday from 10.00 am to Thursday at 9.00 am, the weather will be cold for this date throughout the country.

The minimum temperatures will be mostly negative, so they will generally fall between -10 and 0 °C, and there will be frost or frost on the ground. The rest of the country is also under a Wind Code Yellow warning on Tuesday.

The weather in Bucharest will also be cold until Thursday morning, meteorologists warn. According to them, the lowest temperature that will be recorded will be -5 °C in the pre-urban area.

From Tuesday to Wednesday at 9:00, the weather will be cold for this date. The sky will be more cloudy, and it will only rain briefly. The wind will generally blow moderately.

The maximum temperature will be 9…11 °C, and the minimum -3…0 °C. At night there will be fog.

From Wednesday through Thursday at 9:00 AM, the weather will remain cold. The sky will be temporarily cloudy, and the chance of rain will be reduced. The wind will show intensification during the day; then, it will weaken in intensity. The maximum temperature will be around 9 °C, and the minimum will be -3…-1 °C, lower in the pre-urban area up to around -5 °C.

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